Posted on September 28th, 2011 by by jamadmin


Jam in Jars is my passion. I love making unique jams that bring out the flavour of the local harvest here in the Golden Horseshoe. This year’s harvest was particularly fantastic. I have a list of everything that is hot off my stove on >

Homemade jam is a classic gift to give away during the holiday season. Wrapped in a sheet of tissue paper and tied with raffia, jam is a perfect hostess or co-worker gift. When several are bundled together in a basket and paired with a knife-spreader or package of scone mix, it’s always well received as a personalized birthday or Christmas gift.

My ingredients are simple: local produce from the farmers market in the Golden Horseshoe or urban gardens (thank you Ann, Barb and Shirley), lemons imported from the USA, bottled vinegar, the occasional spice, and organic cane sugar.

Each jar comes with a handcrafted label and I can provide an ingredients list. I use standard jars (1 cup) but for rarer ingredients or complex recipes I prefer the smaller jars (about 1/2 cup). I make jams, preserves, chutney and salsa.